Our Mission

We’re committed to ensuring marketing is done right for your business. We know we cannot give every company in every industry or niche the attention it deserves to get the best results possible. That’s why we devote our full attention to the flooring industry. All our research, testing, time and effort goes into getting better results for businesses like yours. We are constantly trying to improve our services to make sure you receive the highest possible service from us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help as many flooring companies as possible across the UK and beyond reach their full potential. Whether you’re currently a fitting company looking to become a supplier and fitter, a supplier and fitter looking to expand, or you’re looking to sell your products online to reach a wider audience, we can help.

About me...

I’m Oliver Andrews, the owner of Edge to Edge SEO. But please, call me Oli. 

Having run a generalist SEO agency for many years I realised there is a common issue all generalist agency owners have. With every new client they take on within a different industry/niche they have to learn that whole industry/niche from scratch. 

There are several issues with this…

  1. Every industry/niche is different, you cannot apply the same strategies to every industry or niche.
  2. The process of learning a new industry or niche is time-consuming and therefore costs the customer time and money. 
  3. The campaign does not run as smoothly as it should, there are always nuances you cannot anticipate when you don’t know the industry or niche well enough.
  4. There is not one single Google algorithm, there are many. Therefore, similarly to the first point what works on one website might not work on the next if it’s in a different industry or niche, due to Google putting more weight on different ranking factors from site to site.

To overcome these issues (which affect both the agencies and customers) the agency must be a specialist within an industry/niche. 

Within my agency, I naturally picked up more and more flooring companies as clients. This led to me being able to understand this industry to a high degree and therefore this is the industry I can get the best results in. Naturally, this has led to me creating this SEO agency called Edge to Edge SEO, a specialist in helping flooring companies grow online. 

We are an SEO-first agency, meaning all our other services are based around getting the best possible results for flooring companies on search engines such as Google. 

My goal is to help as many flooring companies as possible in the UK and beyond grow to their full potential by offering marketing strategies that truly work for their business.

I would love to personally connect with you on social media where I often share my knowledge of SEO and marketing with my friends and followers. 

Oliver Andrews Headshot

"Your biggest regret will be that you never tried"

Client Testimonials

“I contacted Oliver to help me with my website and how I could utilise SEO to generate more sales and traffic. Oliver was more than happy to help and its clear he has great overall knowledge. He guided our inhouse team to performing SEO on our site which has now led to us generating more sales and new client relationships.”
“We approached Oliver for some more information on design and ideas how to reach out to more customers and raise our overall company profile, Oliver provided me with some great ideas and after an introduction meeting I was left with a clear visual plan of what we wanted and ways which our customers would be attracted.”
“I used Oliver to help me move my business in a new direction. Most of my work has only ever come through word of mouth and a small proportion through social media. Oliver gave up his time to help us understand what we need to do in terms of our website and SEO. He is certainly very knowledgeable in his field and I will definitely be using him for any future projects.”